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Born in Milan 58 years ago and graduated in Economics and Business at the Cattolica University in Milan, Dr. Maurizio Cassano has been enrolled in the Register of Chartered Certified Accountants and Tax Consultants of Milan since 1986 and in the Register of Accounting Auditors since 1995.

He is founder and partner of C.S.E. Centro Studi Economici s.r.l., and Studio Cassano s.r.l., data processing centres with offices located in Milan and in its hinterland, and he is also Chairman of the Board of CASSANO BENELLI CONSULTING s.r.l..

He has been President of CONFLAVORO PMI MILANO , and Vice President of CONFLAVORO PMI; now is Founder and President of CONFITALIAPMI, Italian Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises

Trustee in bankruptcy and official liquidator besides Technical Consultant of the Judge of the Court in Milan, Dr. Cassano has 35 years of experience in fiscal, tax, corporate and administrative advisory.

He is a publicist collaborating with the largest fiscal-economic Italian newspapers, expert in privacy law and speaker at courses organized by the Register of Chartered Certified Accountants and Tax Consultants of Milan on the protection of personal data regulations. He also published “Privacy in professional firms and in service companies” for the Il Sole 24 Ore edition.

Dr. Cassano is a speaker at important conventions in Europe regarding e-commerce technology and informatics in accounting/fiscal areas. He presides over a European research group using a fourth-generation programming language aimed at developing an ERP management system to manage accounting with multilingual options and territorial multi taxation (Logres project, patent and trademark registered).

He is a speaker at the Master in E-Commerce Organisation and Technology, organises and carries out refresher courses on accounting/fiscal topics for medium-large businesses.

Dr. Cassano is a member of the Board of Statutory Auditors of A.L.E.R in Bergamo and has a well-established experience as auditor in some of the largest municipal districts of the hinterland of Milan.

With regard to cultural non-profit organisations, he is member of the Board of Auditors of Boschi – Di Stefano Foundation located in Milan and secretary of an important cultural foundation in Milan.

Dr. Cassano's peculiarity is to provide the entrepreneur with a strongly strategic management support, not only for what concerns the ordinary administration of a company but, and above all, an assistance during extraordinary operations such as acquisitions abroad, complex and detailed corporate transactions, trade agreements and extraordinary finance.


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